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Blade Servers 

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  • They consume less energy
  • They fit up to 16 servers where usually only fit 4
  • They eliminate the wiring and can be managed remotely
  • They fail less because they do not contain mechanical elements
  • You can add and remove servers without stopping the service
  • They are especially advantageous for installations of virtual environments and for web hosting

It is designed to take advantage of space, reduce consumption and simplify its operation.

It is a chassis or housing that houses multiple physical servers or blades inside it. The entire system is packed in a frame.

Each Blade Server is a thin “card” that contains only microprocessor, memory and buses. They are not directly usable because they do not have a power supply or their own communications cards. These elements, more bulky, move to a chassis that is mounted on the rack and are shared by all the Blade servers it houses.


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