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We Sell IT Equipment

We have been buying and selling IT hardware for over 20 years combined. We have access to millions of dollars of inventory from manufacturers, distributors, resellers and partners all over the world and we can offer both current and discontinued generations on complete systems, upgrades, parts, spares, etc.

MultiSol pricing can usually be anywhere from 40-80% less than the manufacturers. We acquire our inventory through surplus purchases and IT liquidation scenarios which gives us the price advantage over the traditional partner or distribution channel.

MultiSol provides three significant benefits to our customers when they are looking to buy lT hardware: Price, Availability and Quality Assurance.

MultiSol has highly qualified professionals who not only keep up with current market values but also know the inner workings of the IT hardware to help their customers find the best solution at the lowest prices.

We Buy Your Used IT Equipment

If you are interested in selling your used hardware, we are interested in buying it. 

MultiSol Inc. has extensive knowledge of the mid-use hardware market and can provide the best price for your used IT equipment.

MultiSol has an extensive knowledge of the secondary hardware market and can provide the highest value for your used IT equipment. Traditionally the regular channel/partner does not offer a fair market price when you are trading in your pre-owned equipment. We can make you a better offer, contact us to discuss this further.

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