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MultiSol Gives Back

Since our conception, we have been dedicated to make a positive change and to give back to the local communities. While MultiSol’s operations have expanded all around the world, our philanthropic efforts and commitment towards society have also grown with us. By understanding where we can make the most impact, MultiSol is strategically using its own technology, funds and employee talent to support a number of leading humanitarian organizations across the globe. Throughout the years we have focused on specific societal issues, including education, health, literacy and culture, hoping that through our actions we will continue to help and inspire the communities where we serve.
In MultiSol, we feel that part of our duty is to seek for new and creative ways to help the individuals and societies of the numerous regions where we operate. We strive to show deep respect for human beings inside and outside of our company and for the communities in which they live.

The MultiSol family thanks you – on behalf of the people whose lives YOU are helping to change – for the opportunities you are giving us to help make a difference. Together we can build a healthier and better world.

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