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Frequent Asked Questions

What products does MultiSol sells?

MultiSol specializes in enterprise IT hardware and sells a variety of brands, including new equipment, refurbished and discontinued (complete systems, upgrades, parts, spare parts, etc). All products are 100% genuine and guaranteed. We specialize in the following brands: HP, DELL, Lenovo, IBM, SUN ORACLE, CISCO, ARUBA, EMC, NetApp, HITACHI, 3PAR, BROCADE and others.

Are you authorized distributors of these brands?

MultiSol is an independent wholesaler, meaning that we are not directly affiliated with the manufacturers of the products we offer. This independence gives us the freedom to access the inventory of hundreds of dealers around the world to get better prices and fast delivery times. Additionally, we have the flexibility to sell any product anywhere in the world without having to follow the rules and prices set by the local distribution channel. This is the great advantage that we extend to our clients and the reason why we can offer very low prices and quick delivery times. 

Do you sell New equipment?

Yes, Multisol offers 100% original and legitimate all new equipment and/or new parts. Although we are not an authorized dealer, MultiSol can legally sell any of these products anywhere in the world, and the hardware will be the same as the hardware offered by the local dealer but with a better price and delivery time.

What about Refurbished equipment?

All refurbished equipment MultiSol offers are products that have been previously installed, used by someone else, then after being uninstalled they are inspected, cleaned, tested, and reconfigured (if necessary) before being sold and shipped. It is important to point out that these products are not failed or bad equipment that have been repaired. MultiSol does not repair equipment and does not sell repaired products. All items are in perfect cosmetic/technical condition and are tested, fully operational and have warranty. MultiSol provides an exchange warranty on most products offered and will cover the cost for shipping the replacement.

Do you offer a guarantee on the equipment you sell? How does the guarantee work?

All the equipment and parts that we sell go through a strict quality control and we always make sure that everything is tested and in perfect condition before sending the products to our customers. However, technology failing is a possibility, and if so MultiSol is attentive to help with replacements. Multisol offers a guarantee on all the products it sells. The warranty varies between 30 days to a year, depending on the product. Also, if necessary, we can offer a guarantee extension for very reasonable prices.

If the product we sold fails during the warranty period, you send us an email with the serial number of the part and the detail of the problem. MultiSol sends the replacement immediately (replacement in advance) and then you send back the defective part. All transport costs of both the replacement shipment and the return of the bad part are the responsibility of MultiSol.

Do you have a local office or representation in our country?

No, MultiSol operates and sells all products from our offices in the United States. Nonetheless, we have all the requirements to do business in your country and we can help with all the shipping logistics and imports if required. Multisol works in all five continents; we are an international trade specialist with many years of experience in the global marketplace.

Is there any pre-sales technical support to clients in their IT solutions?

We do not have engineers or certified consultants in our team to help determine the right solution for your projects. MultiSol is working as a Wholesaler/Broker of a wide range of products and our focus is strictly on the commercial area. The client must pass request to us with the specific details (make, model, and preferably part number). With this data, our mission is to get the best price and best delivery times.

What about transportation? Are international shipments very complicated and expensive?

MultiSol does hundreds of shipments worldwide. Therefore, we have strategic relationships with a lot of transport companies and get very high discounts for international shipping. Through these connections we can not only help coordinate transportation but we can extend our savings and reduce costs.

Can you quote door to door shipping?

Yes, we can quote freight shipping without any problems and in some cases, we may be able to calculate the approximate costs and import taxes.

Can you ship it through our carrier/forwarder in the USA?

Yes. MultiSol offers free shipping to any destination within the United States.

How are payments handled? Is there any line of credit offered to international customers?

Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.
MultiSol offers credit terms to qualified customers to facilitate transactions and expedite shipments. The credit application is fairly simple and can be completed and submitted online via our website:
MULTISOL is interested in showing our strengths/qualities and develop good and lasting business relationships. Therefore, to start the relationship and show the good partners we are, we are usually willing to do business with payment after receiving small transactions first, then gradually the credit terms could increase.

What is the process to open an account with Multisol?

Our clients do not require any particular account to work with us. Unlike other distribution channels, we do not require registration, certification, trained staff, or for the client to be authorized to purchase any of the products we sell. If you ask for a quote and you think the price is good, send your purchase order and we will ship it ASAP. Our major focus is to find the best price and best availability for your projects.

Our goal is clear, we want to be a strategic partners with our clients by acting as a key component of your team to help reduce costs and help you achieve success in your IT projects. We already work with many other companies like yours all over the world, who are very satisfied with our prices, quality products and services. Give us the opportunity to show you quotes for your hardware requirements and we are sure that we can offer great advantages in pricing and delivery times.


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